Luxury vacation home rental factors

Choosing a luxury vacation home rental can be exhausting. Just when you think you have narrowed your choices down to one, something about the home is not right. Where is the home located in relation to everything on my agenda? What amenities are included with the home? Will I have Wi-Fi? Is there parking? The list goes on and on. Sometimes to the point where you say forget it, I give up! Before you throw in the towel and give up on your dream vacation, here are the factors you need to consider, and how you can make your decision easier.

1) Location

Whether you are traveling to Europe, Mexico, or Thailand, the location of your luxury vacation home rental is key. If you want to go to the beach, look for a vacation home closest to the beach you most want to spend your time. If you want to go hiking, look for a vacation home positioned with a view and near where you plan on doing your hiking. Furthermore, a home is only as comfortable as it is convenient. If you did not bring food to cook during your vacation, you do not want to find out after your arrival the nearest restaurant is over 30 minutes away. When planning your itinerary, make sure to keep track of the places you would like to visit and their distance from prospective vacation homes. A vacation spent in the confines of a car is probably not what you had in mind.

2) Amenities

A luxury vacation home rental equipped with useful amenities is a major plus, especially if it is a family vacation. The three obvious necessary amenities are air conditioning/heat, cable, and internet. Without these, your vacation is on the verge of a being a huge fail. Many times you will be in an unfamiliar location. Not having access to your phone or internet would be an inconvenience. Another amenity to look for is if the home has a full kitchen with necessary cooking appliances and utensils. Other amenities to look for in the home is a pool, parking, and if there is a balcony or rooftop area. If you are vacationing on the beach or in the mountains, it would be nice to have a place to step out, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

3) Reviews

Thanks to travel sites like TripAdvisor, one thing a vacation home will have a hard time hiding from is negative feedback. We all know people who go directly to leaving a bad review when they are unhappy with their service. We might even be those people, and that is ok. It is because of these people why vacation home rentals are held to a high standard. When you see a plethora of negative reviews for a certain home, you immediately remove that home from consideration. If you have been unhappy with your stay at a home, chances are you did not do your homework in terms of analyzing the reviews before booking it. Some great places to look for reviews is TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook. Look for consistency in the reviews, especially the ones most recent.

4) Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of choosing a luxury vacation home rental, this couldn’t be truer. Even more so, if it is impossible to find a picture of the home you are viewing, it is a red flag. Also, if the pictures do not accurately portray the description of the home inside and out, this is cause for concern. There should be a clear picture of the bed you will be sleeping in, the kitchen you will be using, as well as the view you will have from inside and outside of the home.

5) Additional Services

Most luxury vacation home rentals will offer a multitude of services. The most important being concierge service. This can include transportation service to and from the airport, assistance in scheduling planned tours, and coordinating emergency maintenance requests. Look for additional services in the description of the home. This will save you in the form of time and money. Some vacation homes offer chef service throughout your entire stay, even picking up your groceries for you. Other possible services are maid service, spa service, and babysitting.

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