Tulum Luxury Collection Fact Sheet

Do you arrange transportation to and from the airport

If you book directly through TLC, our concierge can arrange transportation through our partnered shuttle service.

What is the nightly rate

Our rates vary depending on the season. To learn more about rates, call us today!

Do you offer chef services

Yes we do! – Chef services are included with your stay in all of the Villas. Chef service is available at an additional cost when staying in the bungalows.

Do you offer transportation to Tulum

Our concierge can easily arrange taxi service

What is the minimum night stay

We have a 5 night minimum during low and mid season. During high and holiday season, we have a 7 night minimum

Can we buy your own groceries

Yes – there are a few local grocery store options to choose from. We can also prestock the villa on your behalf at an additional cost.

Should we rent a car

If you would like to stay strictly on the bay, no. If you would like to take taxis, no. Otherwise, you will need to rent a car to get to and from excursions and surrounding areas (tulum playa, tulum beach, etc).

Are you able to get married on any of the properties?

Yes, please reach out prior to arrival for assistance. Our concierge will be more than happy to answer all wedding related questions or provide a referral to the best possible source !

Are there gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options available?

Yes – Upon request prior to preparing meals.

What airport should guests fly into

Cancun International Airport. Tulum Luxury Collection is 1 and 1/2 hours from the airport. The entirety of the trip from Cancun International Airport to the entrance at Soliman Bay is spent on hwy 307. If you are renting a car, keep in mind there are “topes”, otherwise known as speedbumps, throughout the route.

Can you host retreats at the property

Yes, we love retreats! However, as of now, this will need to be arranged by the the individual.

Are there any restaurants on the Bay

On Soliman Bay, we have Chamicos and Jashita Sahara Cafe – Chamicos is open everyday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. We recommend going before 3 p.m. because there are times they close early when they are out of food. Jashita serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is open from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

On Tankah Bay, we have Blue Sky and Casa Cenote.

How far away is Soliman Bay from Cozumel

1 hour and 35 minutes (including ferry transport from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel). It is a 50 minute drive to the ferry station in Playa Del Carmen, and then a 45 minute ferry ride to Cozumel.

How many guests can stay per evening

The amount of maximum guests depend on the property.

Villa Lol-Beh: 34 Guests

Cenote Del Mar: 20 Guests

Sueno Del Mar: 12 Guests

Villa Moonstar: 10 Guests

Hacienda Caracol: 24 Guests

Casa Yardena: 26 Guests

*Please note that there is a base rate determined by number of guests per house. There is an additional cost per guest over the base rate.

*Moonstar, Sueno del Mar & CY rates are based on 8 people occupancy

*Caracol, Cenote & Lol rates are based on 10 people occupancy

Is there staff on property

Yes, there are caretakers who live on each the property. They can assist you as much or as little as you would like.

How far away is Soliman Bay from Tulum

Soliman Bay is a short 20 minute drive from the town of Tulum and 25 minutes from Tulum Playa. Be aware during high season there will be a fair amount of traffic on the beach road in Tulum Playa.

Is there a pool on each property

Yes! The Villas have a private pool on each property. The three bungalows have a shared pool, with plenty of room to lounge!

Is there security on the property

There is a night watchman for each property at night as well private security on each bay.

Are there hair dryers at the property


Do you have Kayaks


Is it safe to drink the water

We recommend using the water provided in jugs throughout the house. Also, it is recommended to buy bottled water – or order it prior arrival.

Is there laundry service available

Our housekeepers provide laundry services for all guests except for on Sundays.

Do you have Yoga Mat Rentals

Yes. We also have Yoga blocks and straps. We recommend requesting ahead of time due to limited availability.

Are there safes onsite

Yes. Please email our concierge if you would like specific dimensions.

Are there massage services available?

Yes, our concierge can schedule a massage for you on property. We recommend setting up an appointment prior to arrival.

Do you have snorkel gear

Yes! We have snorkels, masks and flippers available.

Are Soliman Bay and Tankah Bay kid friendly?


Is there WiFi

Yes, password will be provided upon arrival.

Are you able to fish on the bay

No, unfortunately fishing is not allowed on the bay at this time. However, you can book fishing tours through our concierge. We can arrange to have a fishing boat pick up directly from your property.

Are the properties kid friendly?


Is there A/C in each property

Yes. There is A/C in all bedrooms and living spaces!

Do you have stand up paddle boards for rent

Yes! We do recommend requesting paddle boards prior to arrival. Availability is limited.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!