Handpicked Adventures

Let us arrange a hike through the Jungle to the Coba Ruins for you. Maybe you want to go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters at the Island of Cozumel? Experience one of the most beautiful Cenotes, Dos Ojos, in the Riviera Maya or take a Boat and be stunned by the beautiful Lagoon of Sian Kaan.

Our Concierge Team is happy to plan the perfect tour for you and arrange a seamless adventure.


Adventure & Culture

Tulum Ruins & Cenote Calavera
The Mayan city of Tulum is a short 15min drive from Soliman Bay. The Ruins of Tulum were built in thirteenth century, during what is known as the Mayan post-classic period. What sets the site apart from other ruins in Mexico is both how well preserved they are, and it its proximity to an alluring beach. You can discover the Ruins of Tulum by yourself by strolling through this historical site or we can arrange a guided Tour for you.

Drive time: 15min.


Coba Maya Ruins
This ancient Mayan site is about a one-hour drive from Soliman Bay and is different from the other archaeological big sites in Yucatan. It is located by four natural lakes, which is a rare sight in the Yucatan.
These lakes are believed to have given the city its name, which means “Waters stirred by wind”. Coba still has several large structures covered with the growth of the jungle, making it a wild place that truly triggers your imagination. You can discover the Coba Ruins by yourself by strolling through this ancient mayan site or we can arrange a guided Tour for you.

Drive time: 1.5hrs


Chichen Itza
One of the New Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is a spectacular archaeological site and a must see for those interested in history and culture. During this tour, you will also visit a cenote that is far away from the crowds and operated by the community. It will transport you to a whole new dimension with its mysticism and exuberant nature! You can either discover Chichen Itza on your own or with a high professional Tour Guide, whom we can organize for you. Chichen Itza is approximately two hours from Soliman Bay.


Temazcal, a Mayan word meaning “medicinal house,” is a powerful healing ritual that has been used by the Mexican Aztecs. In the Temazcal, hot volcanic rocks, infused with healing waters, are used to create a steam bath/sweat lodge atmosphere. This ancient process calls in the power of the four elements and uses sacred sounds in the traditional ceremony. Temazcal cleanses the body, mind and spirit.


Experience the Riviera Maya Cenotes
Cenotes dot the landscape throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Explore one or more of these amazing cenotes for a truly unique experience on your vacation. There are thousands of Cenotes, natural
underground caves filled with fresh water, in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.These sinkholes were formed millions of years ago when limestone caves collapsed, revealing the underwater pools. Today travelers are lucky enough to swim, dive, snorkel or swing into them!


Here are our recommendations for the most impressive Cenotes around Tulum Luxury Collection.

Cenote Labnah Drive time: 10min
Cenote Manati Drive time: 16min.
Cenote Dos Ojos Drive time: 19min
Grand Cenote Drive time: 20min.
Cenote Carwash Drive time: 24min.
Cenote Cristal Drive time: 28min.